• Security communication app for your organization or location

    We build on extensive law enforcement and building security management experience.

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  • Full featured custom mobile community software with a fraction of normal development cost

    Our pre-built platform has extensive feature list such as: membership, private/public community, public post and private message, sending security update with confirmation, SMS support...

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  • Easy usage and management!

    Commnunity administrator and multiple staff can manage your members and post messages to community anytime with KidFirst mobile app and via website.

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Some of our features

Private commnunity

You send invite with invitation code to your members and manage your own membership.

Sub communities

You can setup a flat community or a second level of agencies/sub communities

Great for keeping members to connect in time of need

We focus on security features with message confirmation logging, support for both app notification and SMS text message.

Building trust for your business

We help you creat a connected community of users who are informed of daily activity or important security events in your organization or location.